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How to Become an Electrician

When you have an electrician come out to you place in Salem, OR, you want to be able to count on him or her. When you have B&O Electric help you with your project, you can trust that we’ll handle things correctly. Whether the job is big or small, we work with precision and make sure everything is up to code. That’s part of the responsibility that comes with being a licensed and certified electrician in Oregon. If you’re curious, read on to learn more about what it takes to become an electrician.

Note that there are different types of electricians that are suited for different tasks. For example, some electricians are trained in the area of maintenance in large buildings, others work on remodeling projects, and some focus on renewable energies. These are just a few of the many fields. To keep this overview straightforward, we’ll be dealing with electricians who would be ready to help residential customers in our area.

First Step: Become an Apprentice

You first become an apprentice before doing anything else in the industry. As an apprentice, you’ll receive extensive on-the-job training under the direct supervision of a trained electrician. To apply for an apprenticeship, you must be at least 17. To begin the program, you have to be 18 or older and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. You must have passed high school algebra or a post-high school algebra course with a grade of at least a C. Each apprenticeship program clearly lists their requirements for entry and for completion of the program.

Second Step: Become a General Journeyman Electrician

The next step would be to work as a general journeyman electrician. To achieve this love of licensure, you’d have to complete an approved apprenticeship in the state of Oregon. Alternatively, if you’ve received training out of the state, you’d have to have 8,000 hours of work experience and 576 hours of classroom training, or a total of 16,000 hours of work experience.

Third Step: Become a General Supervising Electrician

This is the highest level of licensure that can be achieved. You can only apply to become a general supervising electrician after you’ve worked as a journeyman for several years. You need to be able to verify that you have 8,000 hours of on-the-job experience as a journeyman. Once you’re a general supervising electrician, you can take care of an entire project from start to finish, including signing permits and installing or altering electrical service.

It’s not easy to become an electrician, and at B&O Electric, we think that’s a good thing. To do our job well, we have to have extensive knowledge and highly refined skills. We need to make sure that we’re doing tasks the proper way in order to keep everyone safe. Call us if you’d like to schedule an appointment or if you have a question.