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Salem Generator Installation

Living in Western Oregon, residents understand that there can be some harsh weather that results in a loss of power from time to time. However, that knowledge still does not make it easier to deal with no power in your Salem home. There are worries about keeping the temperature comfortable, food safety for refrigerated or frozen items, and the need for sump pumps to keep your home protected against rising water. Fortunately, there is an easy way to avoid all the stress and worry that comes with a power failure. Call (503) 897-1375 and speak to the licensed electricians at BnO Electrical Solutions about a price quote for a Salem backup generator installation.

How Does The Generator System Work?

The first question most homeowners have about backup generators is the process of starting or engaging the backup power. Everyone is worried that the system will be too complex for them to operate. But the team at BnO Electrical Solutions is happy to eliminate this misinformation and explain precisely how your generator would function should it need to power your home. For most of our Salem generator installations, the transition is seamless and requires no input from you.

The system constantly monitors the grid power coming into your home. The generator is automatically started when it detects a loss of power, and a transfer switch is activated to convert your home to generator power. So even if no one is at home when the power failure occurs, your home will remain safe and entirely powered by the generator.

The Benefits Of A Generator Installation In Salem

As a locally owned and operated family business, the BnO Electrical Solutions family understands your concern about prolonged power outages at your home. We face the same challenges and are happy to share a reliable and affordable solution with the community. A backup generator at your home will provide the power needed to:
Please contact the BnO Electrical Solutions generator experts to learn more about the options available to power your home and provide the peace of mind you need, even when you are away from home.

Reliable Generator Repair In Salem

At BnO Electrical Solutions, we know that you depend on your generator to keep your loved ones and home safe. We also know that, like any mechanical device, a generator requires specific care and maintenance to remain reliable. Our team of certified generator professionals has years of experience providing the care necessary to ensure that your generator will be ready to step up when you need it the most. From annual maintenance and testing to any repairs or replacement of consumables, the BnO Electrical Solutions professionals are here to deliver exceptional service at reasonable prices. Call (503) 897-1375 to schedule your generator service or request an appointment with the premier Salem generator repair team at BnO Electrical Solutions.

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