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EV Charger Installation

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, residents of Western Oregon are discovering that the use of public charging stations is not as fast or trouble-free as it once was. More traffic at the stations, increased use, and equipment breakdown have resulted in a more significant investment of time to charge EVs. This challenge has led many EV owners to opt for a Salem EV charger installation at their homes. And the pros at BnO Electrical Solutions want to help you ensure that you correctly charge your EV to protect your batteries and their warranty. So be sure to call (503) 897-1375 for professional electric vehicle charger installation in Salem to avoid any costly mistakes.

Why Does Salem Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Require A Pro?

Most of today’s EVs come with a Level 1 charge included at purchase. These are the most basic chargers that can be plugged into a 110-volt outlet. And while this is the most common outlet found in all homes in the Greater Salem area, there is more you need to know. Most EV manufacturers mandate that the Level 1 charge be plugged into a dedicated outlet. If you are not using a dedicated outlet and there is an issue, your EV battery warranty could be void. Instead of taking that risk, call (503) 897-1375 for an affordable and fast installation of a dedicated outlet for your new EV charger.

The Perks Of EV Charging At Home

Electric vehicle drivers enjoy many tremendous benefits, from more affordable operating costs to protecting the environment. But often, many overlook all of the added benefits of a home EV charger installation in Salem. So if you are not sure an electric vehicle charge is the right choice for your home, consider these great benefits:
Now that you have been enlightened about the benefits of an EV home charger call (503) 897-1375 for a free installation price estimate from the licensed electricians at BnO Electrical Solutions.

We Are Here For All You EV Charger Needs

If you have an existing EV charger, the team at BnO Electrical Solutions is also your go-to resource for EV charge repair in Salem. We provide fully warrantied EV charger repair in Greater Salem and the Western Oregon region. Contact us at (503) 897-1375 to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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